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Resume of Bingyang Liu

Latest update on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liuctic/


2017.10 - Now Software Engineer

Google Lens

2015.10 - 2017.09 Software Engineer

Google Image Search


2009.9 - 2015.7 Doctor & Master of Engineering, Natural Language Processing

Key Laboratory of Network Data Science and Technology,

Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

2005.9 - 2009.7 Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Technology

Jilin University, Changchun, China

National Scholarship

GPA Rank: 25/510


Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Rich Programming Experiences


Silver Medal at ACM/ICPC Regional Asia Heifei, 2008

Silver Medal at ACM/ICPC Regional Asia Beijing, 2007

Championship of 2nd Jilin Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest, 2008

Championship of 1st Jilin Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest, 2007

First Prize of 4th Jilin University Programming Contest, 2007


Research Assistant(Student) & Development at ICT, CAS. Since Sep. 2009

  • Developed an integrated platform of lexical analysis of Chinese language
    • Annotation frontend
    • Segmentation
    • POS
    • NER
    • Incremental corpus and lexicons.
  • Chinese Named Entity Recognition in web corpus [lib+service]
    • HMM/CRF/Perceptron models are used to label character sequences. Thrift is used to build distributive NER servers.
    • F value of people name, location name and organization name are 0.88, 0.84, 0.92 respectively
  • Chinese Word Segmentation [lib+service]
    • Forward Maximum Matching/N-gram/HMM/CRF implemented separately
    • F = 0.98
  • Multilingual sentence segmentation
    • Based on Finite Automata.
  • Web page encoding detect and language recognition
    • N-gram & Naïve Bayes.
    • Detect web page encodings and recognize the main language of the content of webpages.
  • Unsupervised new word detection in multi-lingual web corpus
    • Suffix Tree + Accessor Variety/Branching Entropy

Software Development at Shenzhen Kun Zhong Trading LLC., China. Jul. 2011 - Jul. 2013

  • Data crawler
    • Price image recognition/RabbitMQ/MongoDB
  • Full text search of products
    • Based on Lucene
  • Similar image search
    • SURF+KD-Tree+Hadoop

Founder of Bigmind Software. Since Jan. 2009

  • Bigmind Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Training & Testing Software
    • Windows Desktop Edition, released at May. 2009
  • Bigmind Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Certification Software
    • Windows Desktop Edition, released at Dec. 2010


Photography, Web UI designation, Reverse Engineering.